At Ameristeam we know the disaster recovery industry; we’ve restored property damaged from almost every imaginable peril. Experience is the best teacher of loss management. That experience has taught us that the best time to plan for a disaster is prior to it happening.  Our teams quickly reign in the chaos and perform timely restoration procedures that will keep your property damage and business interruption to a minimum.
Ameristeam can respond immediately with experienced manpower and specialized equipment to quickly stabilize your disaster scene.


Ameristeam’s pre-disaster consulting plan is structured to work with your own emergency procedures to provide total disaster management. So, when disaster does strike, everyone concerned is prepared for it and is operating in unison. Pre-disaster planning allows three essential elements to come together with speed and effectiveness:
• To secure the premises, allowing them to be safe, and preventing further damage along with recovering what is immediately salvageable.
• To assess the extent of the damage.
• To restore premises, equipment and the business to full working order.

Medical Facilities

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 Ameristeam is a national restoration company that understands the complex needs of the healthcare environment during renovation, construction, and catastrophic events caused by fire or water. We provide a full range of project management, infections control, and restoration services, customized for the complex regulations of the healthcare industry. Service range includes: bio-medical equipment, diagnostic center, laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals.

Hotels & Resorts

Ameristeam has worked with many hotel groups performing restoration projects around the country. Our project list covers services from kitchen fires to area-wide catastrophic events such as hurricanes. Ameristeam has built a solid reputation as a value-added service provider. Most events that occur to hotels and resorts do not require the entire property to be closed down during recovery. Personnel are trained to provide superior service which affords you the time to focus on your guests and staff. We are staffed with industry experts and experienced personnel who enact innovative restoration processes for situations with minimal interruption to your ongoing operations.
With our customer service response center and operational facilities and equipment depots, our personnel can respond quickly to your emergency with the appropriate level of assets and resources. Ameristeam professionals are diverse in their services yet distinctly uniform in quality and timely project delivery. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions for all disaster recovery challenges.

Commercial Property

A property manager’s worst nightmare: The phone rings and you learn of a fire that has affected multiple units in one of your complexes. After the fire is out and everyone’s safety is accounted for, how do you start putting back the pieces? Who do you call? How do you head off the impending chaos?
Stop worrying!  Ameristeam is the answer.
With over 18 years of experience in multi-family property disaster recovery, Ameristeam can be your strongest ally.  We stand ready to respond immediately, 24/7, with materials and expertise to secure your property -boarding up exposed areas and fencing – to limit access and help with crowd control. Then, we’ll focus on mitigating property damage.
Effective pre- and post-disaster planning and management have never been as important as they are today. Whatever the cause, disasters are now an established risk to every business and they must be prepared for in advance.

In an emergency, the response is critical

The response and actions taken during the first 24 to 48 hours of a loss are critical in determining whether or not your business fully recovers. Your recovery team has only one opportunity to get it right. Choosing Ameristeam gives you access to an entire team of experienced, professional, restoration experts. Your company and employees will benefit from having Ameristeam by your side.
Our practical knowledge of water, fire, and mold loss has created our pre-disaster consulting services.  Allow our experience to help get your business quickly back into operation after an incident occurs.  Our pre-disaster consulting cannot prevent these emergencies from happening. But we can, and do, limit the financial and personal havoc they can cause. Our plan provides you with:
• Emergency service, via a dedicated emergency phone number, 24/7
• Assistance in emergency situations – from major fires to area flooding
• Rescue and protection of your assets
• On the spot damage assessment
Don’t wait to get help!  Call Ameristeam today for professional Pre-Disaster Planning.  No job is too small or too large for our trained team of experts.